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GLOBAL RUNNING DAY 2020 virtual run for

Safe spaces for women


For many runners, the act of running gives them a feeling of joy and freedom. Yet, for most female runners, such freedom is difficult to relish when they are always on the edge. Globally, a significant percentage of female runners experience different forms of threats and harassment while running, making them feel unsafe.


This should not be the case. Women runners should be free from fear and anxiety while doing the things that they love. Safe spaces for women – roads, trails, and even homes – should also be a new normal.


This Global Running Day, CNR aims to raise awareness on the challenges that women face while running in public spaces. By promoting a culture of respect, we would like to create a safe community for everyone, regardless of gender.

Thank You!

We thank all the those who joined the CNR - Global Running Day virtual run from 5 continents around the world.

Changing routes, not running at certain times, avoiding isolated places, grasping my keys as a possible defence - all things I’ve done as a female runner.

It’s every ones responsibility to make every women safe in this world

Women should be able to run or even enjoy activities of their preference in any desired place they prefer with no fear. Authorities should take severe action against those who harass women on any forms... from domestic to public.
Women play a great role in family upliftment extending to community development and as a community we should all strive to respect their status and support them in what ever possible way.

This one's for the ladies. #YouAreNotAlone

Honestly I don't know any woman who hasn't gone through some form of harassment in public spaces. Usually it's when you least expect such abuse and that keeps us on the edge, fearful about letting our guard down. 

I sincerely thank all the good hearted women and men who have stepped into help me out or comfort me whenever I've faced some form of street harassment or the other ❤

Every women deserves to live free from fear and I am blessed to have a safe space to run today, to affirm this human right.

CNR 'virtual' run for the Global Running Day.

"I run because the athlete in me wants to challenge myself to work hard and be fit and healthy & strong, Also to be a role model for my daughter and many others out there.  
Dedicated to every woman out there ❤
We deserve a safe space in this world 🌎  This is more important today more than ever. ♥️♥️

Safe spaces for women is such an important initiative to get behind, weather you’re a runner or non runner.

The global running community is to be applauded for this initiative, raising awareness is is the first step to a solution.

Women are precious! We have to live with them not harass or abuse. 

I’m blessed to live in a place where I feel safe running,
Although I have felt scared in a couple instances over the years.
I’m blessed with the best running partner and protector -my greyhound.

The Running community has lot of space for women. It should be the case for any community!!!

Global Running Day . Dedicated to a special lady and for all the women from all walks of life. What ever you may be doing , you deserve a safe space. This is more important today more than ever. ♥️♥️♥️

Great initiative and tried my best at 8 yrs age to support the cause

happy to participate in

Motivated & feel good

Let’s make this world and safest place to live mentally and physically. Be against women mental torture!!!

So privileged and proud to be a part of this.

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