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Read the story of our runners...

Sharon De Bruin

"I was so happy to see a bunch of smiling overly excited group of people waiting to run a 5k and I thought I’d fit right in with my big smile and talk, BEST PART they greeted me right in and was ever ready to help me and 3 years down I’ve made so many great friends and so many great memories. #HappybirthdayCNR"

Bakir Sadiq

"I am Glad to be a part of the CNR family Thanks to the Razick brothers who encouraged me!"

David Ostwald

"I had first learned about CNR through my daughter, Thilini, who had seen a post about it on social media.  She was living in Colombo to be close to her work, while I was living in Gampaha.  I enjoy road running and this seemed like a pretty good excuse to come to Colombo and spend some time with her.We first joined CNR on 09 November, 2017.  Tharindu introduced the group and explained the route, we did a quick warm-up and we were off.  I was able to keep up with some of them, so did not get lost along the way (I was not at all familiar with that area of Colombo). The next week Salani was with us as well, she did not run, but stayed behind to “guard the bags.” As we were coming up Independence Road, past the Memorial, Salani took a video of me running with my phone … basically all you could see was the light from the phone moving along the road with cars passing along behind us.Salani posted the video to FaceBook, where my mother saw it … and a few weeks later I received a petty nice headlamp from her for Christmas (still using it)."

Chinthana Pannila

"My first run with CNR was back in 21st December 2017, after being introduced to group by Dinusha Tharindu. By then, I was already in love of running as had done couple of half marathons at LSR and few 5k races with CCR , but mostly was doing solo running until I met CNR, and only had run in the mornings. I got to know about the assistance one gets when trying to get faster, when running as a group rather than doing solo running. This was the first recorded run on Strava which I ran with CNR, on 22nd February 2018 (, where I recall trying to hang on to Dinusha who was running very fast at that time. I learned it is hard to run at night as fast as you do in mornings, mainly due to visibility at night and having to focus more on running safe, and due to the fact that naturally getting less active during night time than under the sun in the mornings. I accept that due to family commitments and simply being located 30 km out from CNR base location, I could not regularly run with the group. But tried to get in touch with the group whenever there is a special event, meanwhile running at Thursday nights once in a while. Whenever I think about this group, few role models come into my mind. Tharindu the great leader of CNR, and David who gives so much inspiration with his running consistency at that age. I feel really great to have them as my friends. Congratulations CNR for the 5 years. It's not an easy thing to continue this sort of group for 5 years actively. Happy that having interacted with the group for three and half years out of five."


"When I first joined a CNR run nearly two years back, I felt so shy and nervous and was particularly worried about getting lost. However, since that day, I have hardly ever missed a CNR Thursday and I luckily finally know the route now! Even when I am tired, when it is raining, when I am 'not in the mood'...I never, ever regret making the effort to go and run with my friends. CNR is an incredibly welcoming, inclusive and warm community, through which I have met many  people who I know will be in my life forever. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so special. Huge thanks to all the admins for creating and maintaining this beautiful group that brings us all so much joy. 💛💚💛"


"I joined the club last year August and it's been a very joyful night run to me every Thursday. Actually It was more fun and stress relieving day to me after all work. Having all the people around chit chatting which makes me energize to do anything in life. So I'm really happy to be a part of CNR club."

Rashid Dhalan

"I started running with CNR about 2 years ago. It gave me something to look forward to mid-week and more than the running it was about the nice sense of community that everyone has. It's a good support structure for both training and making friends!"


"Back on 9th June 2016, I joined the first CNR run with 16 other friends. Since that day, running became my passion and I continued to run with CNR every Thursday night. I have met some amazing friends from all over the world in the Colombo Night Run for the last few years. Best thing I like about CNR is that it is not just another sports club, rather a really welcoming and friendly community of like minded runners!"

Nishreen Savanghan

"CNR is where it all began for me in Oct 2018.  Unable to run beyond 200m, 38yr old me (back then), found a sport that I continue to be incredibly passionate about! An incredible community of individuals, it is through the CNR that I discovered the unlimited potential of the human mind and body💪. Apart from this, the group of amazing individuals that is CNR, have shown me the power of community and what incredible things can be achieved when people come together. Happy 5th anniversary 🏃‍♀️"


"One of the newest arrivals to CNR, when I got to Sri Lanka in January I was finding it hard to meet friends among the COVID restrictions. I turned up at a CNR run after finding it on FB and stumbled upon the most welcoming community I could’ve hoped for in the whole country. I loved running with the group and how warmly they embraced me. It’s such a testament to the power of this group and of running that these friends I’ve only known a couple of months have been the community who’ve helped get me through a lockdown. CNR - you’re the best!"

Suranga Bandula

"Colombo Night Run, I joined in 2020 August . After 7 years I started to run and I improved my running skills and got 5km personal best. Colombo Night Run is good team work and healthy life for me and all of us. Happy Colombo Night Run!"

Nishan Wickramaratna

"Being primarily a cyclist I took part in a CCR organized 5k city run which happens end of every month on a Sunday. The love for running was born there with the amazing running community who are absolutely helpful,  welcoming and encouraging all the new comers. Joining the CNR night run was just an extension as most of them do the Sunday morning run as well. I look forward to the Thursday night runs to meet up with all the happy folk of CNR. I am so happy to be a member of this wonderful community and thankful to each and every member for their continuous encouragement and motivation. I enjoy the runs and have been able to induce some of my cycling buddies to take up running as well. Wishing CNR a happy 5th and continue to inspire people to take part in a healthy activity."


"It's been three years I started running with CNR. I am extremely delightful to have this great bunch of runners. We are like a family more than just a runners. I'm looking forward to run and engage in more activities that CNR will do in future."

Feroz Ahamed

"Joined this amazing community just before 3 months, and I’m on my “norming” stage. The encouragement and support by peers to achieve what we can and go beyond is absolutely incredible. Happy to be a part of CNR on it’s 5th anniversary!"

Samanmalie Herath

"I stumbled upon CNR due to a cancelled yoga class over three years ago. When the class got cancelled last minute, my colleague said that she wants to instead go for a run with a night running group based at Independence Square. I didn't even have shoes that day. Ended up walking around Independence Square till the CNR runners got back from the run. I returned the next week with shoes :D From barely managing to run 2km, thanks to CNR, I managed to complete a half marathon in 2019. Can't wait till COVID-19 days are over for us to run together once again! <3"

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